Residential Roof Process

We at Vantage know that the thought of replacing a roof is never one that people are excited about.  It’s not remodeling a kitchen, or installing an awesome outdoor patio space, where you can experience and feel the fruits of your investment.  Typically when our customers come to us, it’s because there is either damage to their existing roof system, or is has become so aged, that the system is failing – both of which are not fun situations. So we try to have a streamlined process, and multiple points of communication, to prepare customers and keep them informed throughout the whole process.  Below is the outline of the typical steps involved in replacing your home’s roof:

1. Meet with a project manager

This meeting will allow us to assess the project, and both give us a chance to familiarize ourselves with you and your needs, as well as introduce you to our company, and how we might handle your project.

2. Sign Contract

No representative from Vantage will ever force you into a contract, or have you sign anything other than that actual agreement for work performed on your property – this includes a full scope of work, materials to be used on the project, a proposed start date, and a dollar amount.  If anyone ever asks you to sign anything other than this, they are not a reputable company, and we suggest finding someone else to perform your work.

3. Schedule Dates for Materials and Work

You will receive a message from our office, confirming and detailing the dates when the materials will arrive for your project, as well as the date and time that our crews will be arriving on your project.  It is also in this message that you will be receiving a document on how to prepare your home for the project, and addressing expectations.  

4. Day of Install

The Install crew will show up, and begin preparing the job site.  This includes tarping the areas where we anticipate debris falling, as well as protecting items which could possibly be in harm’s way.  It is also on this morning that the homeowner will be formally introduced to their project’s production manager, who will oversee the install, cleanup, and overall quality control of the project (provided the homeowner is home, at that time).  This will be the homeowner’s immediate point of contact, throughout the installation process, as they will be the fastest to respond to any issues or questions.  

5. End of Project

Upon the end of the install, the job site will be thoroughly cleaned of all debris, waste, and any nails on the ground.  We strive to minimize any mess, by the use of tarps and cleaning throughout the process, but there will always be a level of cleanup after, no matter how much we try to prevent it during install.  On residential jobs, we typically use dump trailers, instead of roll-off units/dumpsters to make the process as quick and easy as possible, as well as not having a huge eyesore in your driveway for several days.  

Once the project is completed, and the job site is thoroughly cleaned, the city/county inspection will be scheduled.  We always try to make this happen within 72 hours of completion, but the respective building departments may not always be able to work on this timeframe.  You project will also be receiving a comprehensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control inspection where your production manager will do a full evaluation on the project, where they will look at everything from the details of the installation process to cleanup of the property. 

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