The Vantage Advantage

At Vantage Roofing & Construction, we hold ourselves to the highest standards,

As we constantly strive for ways to make the roofing and construction process better.  Our goal in doing so is to foster a better experience for our customers, no matter the size or complexity of their project.   We have come to call this system and way of thinking as “The Vantage Advantage.”  

We believe that by mixing the knowledge base of our people in the roofing and construction industry, the latest innovations and technologies, and a genuine care for our customers and their projects, we can deliver a product as good, and hopefully better, than any other company out there.  

We always install our projects to the highest standards, typically going far beyond the recommended levels of workmanship and materials, to ensure our customers get the best product possible roof on their property.  Not only must we adhere to the presiding jurisdiction’s codes (of which we are licensed in over 30, just in the Front Range), but we are held to our manufacturer’s extremely strict levels of workmanship.  In doing this, we are held to the highest levels of accountability, which not only provides a system on our customers properties of the highest quality, but also enables us to offer the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.  


Insured and Guaranteed

Our warranties are unparalleled in the roofing industry, and if your home or commercial building has been damaged in a catastrophic weather event, we are happy to work directly with insurance companies to ensure you are treated fairly when replacing your roof.  As a company based in Colorado, we are accustomed to dealing with the crazy Colorado storms and the resulting damage, and we are glad to share our knowledge and expertise with our clients to help them resolve these issues quickly and painlessly.

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