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What makes us different?

At Vantage Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves on our outstanding warranties for both commercial and residential clients. 

We always use the best quality materials available, and our STANDARD install is unparalleled on the front range, as we install EVERY roof with ice and water shield, oversized eave metal, full perimeter drip edge, and no cheap/builder-grade materials when replacing your roof - because we believe this is the best (and only) way to do it (no matter if it is required by local codes, or not!). 


All re-roof/shingle projects come with a 50-year workmanship and materials warranty, and we guarantee that if any issues arise as a result of our installation, we will fix it at no charge, with no questions asked.  In addition, the Vantage Roofing labor warranty is transferrable for up to 5 years if you sell your home.


Hail Storm Damages

All front range residents are familiar with the crazy summer weather, and more specifically the hail storms that can cause extensive damage in the summer months. 


At Vantage Roofing & Construction, we are the leading authority on dealing with hail damage, working with all insurance companies so you don’t have to deal with the hassle, and making sure your roof replacement is as stress-free and seamless as possible.

All our project managers at Vantage Roofing & Construction are highly trained and experienced in how to work with adjusters in assessing the roof damage to your property.  Our office professionals are dedicated to working directly with the insurance company on claims so you don’t have to deal with the headaches associated with getting a claim filed and paid.

Having damage to your property can feel very overwhelming and stressful, so let us handle it for you!  At Vantage Roofing & Construction, we are glad to put our decades of expertise to use to help our clients worry about this process as little as possible.

How to Choose a Contractor

Because of the hail storms in the front range, our state is often targeted by roofing contractors that are less than credible in the summer months. 


At Vantage Roofing & Construction, we warn our clients to watch out for certain red flags that could indicate you may be falling victim to a shady roofing contractor.

  • DO NOT trust anyone from out of state!  Look at license plates of the project managers/salespeople that come to your door, ask where they are from, or even ask to see their driver’s license.  Check to see that the office address listed on their paperwork is a local address, and, if it is local, make sure it’s not just a PO box (as many out-of-state companies get, to appear local). 

  • Does it sound too good to be true?  If they are offering to replace your roof for a ridiculously low price, or offer you incentives that are seemingly impossible, it probably really is too good to be true  - do your due diligence on this, and make sure EVERYTHING  is detailed in any contract or agreement that you sign.

  • Are they offering to pay your deductible no questions asked?  It is not legal for a roofing contractor to pay the deductible on your insurance claim. If the contractor is offering to pay your deductible it could be a red flag that they don’t know and understand the rules and regulations of Colorado Law, and have simply set up shop for the summer to capitalize on the hail storms.

  • We recommend going with a referral first if possible.  It’s always best to go with a company your friends and family have used, liked and trusted.

  • If you don’t have a referral, choose a front range-owned and operated company, and do your research on the company.  This is a big one in our state, as many unscrupulous contractors will come to Colorado specifically because of the storms, but they are often not legitimate companies.  Also, many roofing and construction companies go bankrupt or shut down, and then owners can start up another company, almost immediately – for this, you should research both the company and owner(s) on the Colorado Secretary of State website by clicking here to make sure your contractor is front range-owned, and in good standing – our owner is Andy Sowa, and please feel free to look up our company or our owner.

  • Make sure they have full general liability insurance and full workman’s comp.  A lot of companies say that their crews carry their own workman’s compensation insurance, so the company does not have to, but you should always verify that the company has it.  General liability is not enough – the company should have both to make sure you as the homeowner are covered and protected, should there ever be any incident on your property, whether it be to your home or to someone working on it. 

  • Trust your gut.  When all else fails, if something feels off, it probably is.  There are plenty of good roofing contractors in the front range, so do your research, get referrals, and figure out which is the best one, for you. In the case of an insurance claim, the insurance company dictates the cost of the repairs, and we can not vary from an agreed-upon price, with them.  So we always recommend not getting three estimates, but talk to three contractors whom you trust, and see which one is best for you and your project (as any reputable contractor will perform the work for a fair price that they come to, along with the insurance company, assuring that you will never pay anything out of pocket, besides your deductible).

And if you have questions, you can always reach out to us.  We are glad to help you understand how to find a great contractor who will do a great job for you!

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